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Is cloud computing the way of the future or is there still value in maintaining on-site servers and server rooms which are dedicating to maintain the status quo? Knowall IT offers a perspective on cloud computing from their experience offering private, public and hybrid cloud services.

Knowall IT Ltd | LinkedInThe fact that some are still asking whether the only way really is cloud and offering hybrid solutions, goes to prove that there is still merit in maintaining the hardware which has been serving businesses faithfully over the past decade. However here are some unmistakable benefits which your business can consider, when deciding whether to migrate to the cloud.

If your business is at the stage where it seems like it might be the right time to move and considerations for migration include a limited budget, questions around infrastructure suitability and a need for solutions to allow for both new and old apps, here are some aspects that Knowall IT Support Near Vauxhall would suggest you consider before making your decision:

First and foremost, cloud computing gives your team the ability to access your data from anywhere. While this may be considered more of a nice to have in some businesses, there are those who are very reliant on the ability to access data in an instant, from anywhere. Cloud storage means that your data is stored off-site and accessible any time of the night or day, no matter where in the world you happen to be. Cloud-based computing with Knowall IT support near Wandsworth supports your employee flexibility and this in turn promotes a health work-life balance. Gone are the days when data stays in the office (meaning you must jump into your car to go and retrieve it from your desk) or on an external drive (commonly susceptible to hardware problems).

Easy to implement, cloud computing will save your business money. Companies like Knowall IT support near Pimlico simplify and facilitate a seamless migration so that your business can benefit from scalable options which do not require a massive initial outlay for hardware and infrastructure and avoids large start-up costs. Backups and upgrades are performed automatically without any customer intervention required meaning you benefit from the safety and security offered by cloud computing and do not need to budget for constant hardware or software upgrades and the attached expenses that these add to the bottom line of your business.

Going 100% cloud does mean that your business is susceptible should power outages of service provider interruptions cause internet downtime which can be a frustrating side-effect of cloud-based computing which is why a hybrid cloud option can be of benefit. Mostly however, the benefits of cloud computer out-weighs the potential risks and the cost-saving and flexibility it provides generally means that business is simply better on the cloud. Most importantly the cloud will only get bigger and better as technology advances so the chances of internet disruptions or security issues causing disruptions will become smaller. Looking forward, cloud storage is a highly recommended route, saving on costs and adding value to any business.

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Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, is quoted as saying “The advance of technology is based on making it fit so that you don’t really even notice it, so its part of everyday life”. Knowall IT managed IT service provider is one which will address all the needs of their customers’ information technology and cloud requirements in such a way that they don’t even really notice it and it becomes part of everyday life. Faster than your current internet response time, turn to Knowall IT to ensure that your company is at the high end of technology today, tomorrow and going forward.

Gone are the days of waiting to access to data while watching the spinning “circle of death” with dismay … one can almost hear the whining squeals of the modem trying to connect as you image waiting to access your clients ‘information. You can remember the days when your client grew more and more frustrated on the other side of the phone as you vehemently apologise for the delay. If your client grudgingly accepts your slow response-time one too many times, rest assured, they will not think twice to change their service provider to someone who has lighting response time just to mitigate their levels of frustration! If you are not able to ensure that your business is ready to go at moment’s notice, do not suppose that another service provider is not ready and waiting to take them off your hands.

An IT Support near Soho such as Knowall IT knows better than anyone how to provide you with the lighting service you need and will never allow you, as their client, to come in second place in the race to retain your client. Customised IT support near Paddington are guaranteed to fit your business and your business’s pocket, while ensuring 24/7 always access to cloud-based services at the blink of an eye. Professional IT technicians and engineers provide customer service in line with the 5th Industrial Revolution and understand all too well what is required to keep your business up and running, with a smile.

Knowall IT near Kensington is an award-winning company with a reputation which precedes itself with its competitors in the industry. Consistent and careful professional workmanship from the Knowall IT employees is what allows the company to stand proudly head and shoulders above the rest. Friendly first contact assistants are available to provide you with any trouble shooting and will diagnose frontline problems which will be resolved professionally and timeously.

Why settle for less when a tried and tested award-winning organisation is ready to provide you with Managed IT services, cloud computer, data storage, SWYX services at a fraction of the price which you are probably currently paying. In the last decade IT has changed so drastically, and then needs of your users, clients and customers is far more sophisticated than previously. Don’t allow your old IT equipment and the days of old approaches towards IT to hold you back from being able to meet and even surpass the expectations of even your more decerning client.